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Personal loans is probably humanity’s oldest financial solution, and it is something that has existed for millennia. There has always been someone who needs an injection of liquidity to carry out any personal project and an entity or individual willing to lend that money temporarily in exchange for interest

In any case, the different groups of workers and pensioners must take into account that there are a series of requirements that entities require in order to accept an application.

Requirements to apply for a personal loan

Requirements to apply for a personal loan

In general, there are different requirements that financing applicants must meet. Although it is something that can vary depending on each case and its particularities, the truth is that the requirements for the different groups are as shown below:

Personal profile loan

The majority of applicants are included in this category of loans, since it is the people who have a job or housewives who are the majority who demand financing. This profile of people needs to meet some requirements before getting a personal loan:

  • DNI
  • Work contract
  • Last 3 payrolls
  • Declaration of income from the previous year
  • Last 3 receipts in the case of a loan to reunify debts.


It is a group that often finds it difficult to access personal loans, but in any case, pensioners must prove their ID and proof that they are actually receiving a pension from the State.


Self-employed workers are one of the largest groups demanding financing, and they need an economic injection sooner or later to grow. They need to meet the requirements to deliver a copy of the DNI, model 100, the last 3 quarters and the last 3 receipts of the quota of self-employed in order.

Business organizations

Companies constantly need financing and although the documentation they must provide is numerous, in principle it is necessary to submit the annual balance sheet of the company and the company deeds.

Interest for personal loans

Interest for personal loans

One of the most relevant aspects when requesting financing through a personal loan is the interest rate to be agreed in the loan contract. At Prestamosolucion we guarantee our clients the lowest interest rate on the market , since we work with many entities to find the most advantageous personal loan for our clients.

That is why we can guarantee personal loans with an interest from 4.95% , a really low interest rate that hardly an individual person can get at a bank. At Prestamosolucion we are committed to obtaining cheap and affordable financing for our clients.

For what uses are personal loans applied for?

For what uses are personal loans applied for?

Personal loans are the fastest and most effective solution to finance a multitude of purchases and expenses that may arise in the daily life of any person or family. In Prestamosolucion our clients will find a service in which to trust 100% regardless of the purpose of the loan they need. In any case, the most common uses for which a personal loan is requested are the following:

Reform loan

In any home sooner or later it is necessary to carry out a reform in one of its rooms or in the entire house. And it is because either because it has become outdated or because it does not have the ideal living conditions, it is essential to carry out a reform to enjoy a comfortable home in perfect condition to live. Requesting a personal loan for a reform is very common and at Prestamosolucion we find the best possible financing.

Wedding loan

One of the events in the life of anyone that undoubtedly has a very high cost is the celebration of a wedding. Performing a wedding has a multitude of expenses, from the wardrobe, through catering, renting a space or spending on photographs. And it is a very special day to live it intensely and in Prestamosolucion we put all the meat on the grill so that our clients find the best possible financing to carry out the wedding of their dreams.

Car loan

Buying a car for the family home is perhaps one of the most common purchases that anyone faces throughout their lives. And it is an essential element to move anywhere, and although its cost is high today we cannot live without them. In Prestamosolucion our clients find affordable and fast financing to acquire the vehicle they want without any complication.

Motorcycle loan

As with vehicles, the purchase of motorcycles is also very common in any home. And it is that motorcycles allow more agile movements to move around the city and have less difficulty in parking, making it a very common complement to the vehicle. Buying a motorcycle is now easier than ever thanks to the personal loans that we can obtain for our clients at Prestamosolución.

Home loan

A home mortgage is perhaps one of the most important decisions that a person will make in their life. Choosing a place to set up residence and finding the perfect home is too important not to find the best financing conditions. At Prestamosolucion we are aware of the importance of this purchase for our clients and we offer the best solution in a rigorous and professional manner.

Land loan

There are many uses for which anyone can buy land. Whether to build it in a few years, to use it as a garden or to start a business in Prestamosolucion we find the most suitable personal loan for each situation.

Travel loan

Everyone has felt the need to make a dream trip sometime in life. Whether with family or friends, taking a trip that allows you to disconnect from obligations and from day to day can be a way to achieve happiness, and this is something worth fighting for. Obtaining financing for a trip through a personal loan can be the best solution to enjoy it without difficulties or complications.

Loan for cosmetic surgery operations

Performing some cosmetic touch-up is a much more widespread practice in our country than it may seem a priori, and that is that we are world leaders in cosmetic surgery operations. It is something that can improve the self-esteem of many people and at Prestamosolucion we work to find the necessary financing for those clients who need extra money to pay for the intervention.

Farm loan

Buying a fine is for many a way to connect with the rural world and for others an interesting business that is worth investing in. Whatever the case, in Prestamosolucion we advise our clients to find the personal loan with the most advantageous conditions to buy the property they want.

Dental treatment loan

Having correct oral health and an aesthetically beautiful smile is something that everyone aspires to, and it is something that is not a whim but a necessity. Dental treatments sometimes have costs that exceed the repayment capacity of many families, and for this reason personal loans for dental treatments are increasingly common among Prestamosolucion clients.

Student loan

Investing in training is investing in a better future and that is why thousands of students and parents come to Prestamosolucion every year to find the most advantageous financing to cover the cost of a university tuition or a master’s degree in a prestigious business school. And it is that in Prestamosolucion we are committed to the academic and professional future of our clients.

Fertility treatment loan

Many couples are forced to undergo expensive fertility treatments in order to become biological parents. And it is that IVF or artificial insemination have a high cost for many pockets, especially when it is necessary to repeat them. At Prestamosolucion we try to find financing quickly so that the dream of being parents soon becomes a reality for our clients.

A quick and easy process

A quick and easy process

So that requesting a personal loan does not become an entire odyssey, in Prestamosolucion we try to shorten the deadlines to a minimum so that the client receives the requested amount in his bank account . Having extensive experience in the sector and having spent many years dealing and negotiating with all types of banking and financial entities, we are experts in finding the perfect loan for each client quickly and easily.

Once the client delivers their personal data and their financing needs, we carry out a study completely free of charge to find the best possible option among the existing ones. This allows our clients to avoid paying any amount of money while the loan has not been formalized and accepted. And is that we pursue simplicity and clarity throughout the process to generate peace of mind for our customers.

To do this, our team of specialized advisors keep our clients informed of the status of their loan application and try to resolve all doubts and questions that may arise during the process in order to avoid any type of confusion.

Until we get the best possible deal, we do not charge any type of fee, so anyone in need of getting a personal loan for any reason can trust the total transparency and security of the process. Finding the perfect personal loan has never been easier than before.

Personal loans with the best conditions

Personal loans with the best conditions

In Loan Solution we get that your personal loan has advantageous conditions both in the monthly installment, offering you a very competitive interest rate within the financial market, and in the partial and total cancellations of the loan, something that from Loan Solution we give great importance to our client since it is a financial product of a relatively short duration and that in addition to the partial cancellations that the client may make, its definitive cancellation will be in a very short period of time.

Some of the most interesting conditions of the personal loans that we achieve for them are the following:

Reduced monthly fees

One of the main wishes of anyone trying to access financing is to enjoy affordable monthly payments for their pocket. In Loan Solution we strive in each case to ensure that the fee that our client has to pay is the most adapted to their ability to pay. This allows them greater liquidity and conveniently repay the requested personal loan.

Competitive interest rates

The interest rate that a personal loan finally has can be decisive in the total amount of the loan. In Loan Solution we work to get our clients the lowest interest rates possible depending on the financial market situation. This allows us to get really cheap loans so that our clients enjoy adequate and abuse-free financing.

Possibility of partial and total cancellations

Personal loans are usually loans with relatively short repayment periods. This, together with our work to obtain reduced installments, allows our clients to have sufficient savings capacity to be able to make partial or total cancellations of the requested personal loans. This possibility allows you to pay off the loan much faster and even reduce the amount of the installments.

Management and fast granting

Something that is of vital importance for our clients is the quick management of the loan because sometimes their motivations are urgent. For this, our professional advisers carry out an exhaustive analysis to quickly and accurately achieve the granting of the loan requested by the client. This allows our clients to have the money granted as quickly as possible.

All this together with a personal and close treatment that distinguishes us from any company in the competition, and that is that we keep our clients informed at all times of the evolution of the procedures so that you are calm and do not worry about anything.

In Loan Solution you will find the best personal loan financing on the market since we analyze between different possibilities to finally stay with the most advantageous option for our clients. Having a personal loan quickly, safely and with the best market conditions has never been so easy.

There are many different situations in which a person or a family may need financing and that is why we work to get personal loans for any situation that may arise on a daily basis.

We work tirelessly to satisfy our clients so that they fulfill their dreams with adequate financing.

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